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Hiram Tales
Audio CD - $10

Preserving the voices of prominent men in Hiram, Maine’s past


- 1 Hour of Excerpts -

- “Introduction” by Roger Flint  (1:34)

Roger Flint remembers growing up in Hiram. Taken from “Hiram Stories by Roger Flint”


- “School Stories” by Raymond Cotton  (6:00)

Raymond Cotton remembers attending school in Hiram. Taken from “Raymond Cotton’s Reminiscences March 1982”


- “Fire of 1947” by Raymond Cotton  (31:20)

Raymond Cotton remembers fighting the fire of 1947.  Taken from “Stories of Hiram by Raymond Cotton #2”


- “Burned His Backhouse” by Raymond Cotton  (5:45)

Raymond Cotton relates a story from the Great Depression about an unfortunate new arrival in Hiram. Taken from “Hiram Characters: Facts & Fantasies by Raymond Cotton & Walter Twitchell 23 July 1983 HHS Open House”


- “Harvesting Ice at Hiram Creamery” by Walter Twitchell  (11:39)

Walter Twitchell recounts the process of ice harvesting. Taken from “Harvesting Ice at Hiram Creamery, W.G. Twitchell”

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