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Pioneers, all; war heroes, some; scoundrels, a few. These are the founders of Hiram, Maine. The stories of these courageous men and women - some of which are told in Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine for the first time - are unique to Hiram yet also universal. 


Published by Maine Authors Publishing, September 2021, 332 pages, photographs color and black & white, appendices, index, ISBN 9781633812710, $39.95 plus shiping $8.00 in the U.S.


Available in Hiram at Soldiers Memorial Library, Town Office, Apple Acres, Good Buddy Farm, in Brownfield at Edge of Maine Gallery, in Fryeburg at Spice & Grain, in Bridgton at Bridgton Books, and your local book sources.


As a Maine historian I highly recommend SallyWilliams' Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine...It provides the flavor and salient details necessary to arrive at an understanding of the early place and the people who settled and shaped Hiram...Sally Williams is a first-rate historian who knows her subject intimately and presents it clearly and honestly. William David Barry, author of Maine: The Wilder Half of New England (2012)


Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine will surprise even lifelong residents of Hiram with its newfound stories and facts thanks to Sally Williams' intrepid search for the town's hidden past...Jan Eakins, Maine historian, writer, instructor


Town accounts are often notoriously dry, but in the right hands, they can be remarkable...Smoothly written and generously illustrated, Faces of Founders shows insightful connection between the past and the present. Deborah Gould, author of The Eastern, Book One: The Early Years and The Eastern, Book Two: Later On


Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine transcends the past and propels you into a present that still endures in the architecture, the landscape, and the people that make up our shared experience. Bradford Fuller, author of Brownfield, Maine: An Illustrated History


In her thoroughly engaging book of history Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine, author Sally Williams lay out in colorful detail what life was like in early Hiram and surrounding towns...Williams has done the meticulous scholarly research. We get the prize: educational and fasccinating stories of the courage, mistakes, and ingenuity of those who lived here long ago. Ellie Stein, Wards Hill, Hiram

Faces of Founders: Hiram, Maine

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