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Saving the Ridlon Schoolhouse

Updated: Mar 30

Hiram Historical Society partners with Ossipee Valley Agricultural Society, Tear Cap Workshops, and other volunteers to save Hiram's oldest remaining one room schoolhouse. Read about our progress.

Hiram Icon - Ridlon Schoolhouse

117 Brownfield Road

Plans to save it!

The owner of this sweet little one room schoolhouse planned an immediate demolition but agreed to give Hiram Historical Society time to save it.  The Society has teamed up with the Ossipee Valley Agricultural Society and Tear Cap Workshops, Scott Campbell of Maine Mountain Post and Beam, and other volunteers. After careful consideration we plan to deconstruct the building, store what’s salvageable at Tear Cap Workshops and rebuild it on the Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds as an educational resource for all when funds are in hand.

Why we should save it

Ridlon School is the oldest one-room schoolhouse remaining in Hiram and one of few of this old age in Maine. Once white, now red, little else except a six foot addition and an outhouse has changed in its 200+ years since it was designated as “Stanley’s” school district in 1819 with six student scholars. Tragically William Stanley died in 1822 at age 46 and Samuel Ridley (Ridlon) succeeded him, hence its name. It was replaced by the “new” school built in 1916, now the Hiram Town Office.

How you can help

Volunteer - to help assist in deconstruction restarting either the weekend of May 3-5 or 10-12

call Cliff Whitney 207-625-8241

Volunteer- to research the school’s students and teachers and descendants–

Volunteer- to help raise funds and spread the word

call Sally Williams 207-615-4390

We need your support for this and future phases of the project! Thank you.

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