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Progress on Hiram Village Cemetery Fence repair/replacement

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Long time volunteers Donna and Darryl Ward (former recipients of the Hubert W. Clemons Award for Outstanding Service to the Town of Hiram) have undertaken a long time fix of Hiram Village Cemetery fencing. Incidentally, it is across the street from their house (both old and new) but that is not a factor in this couple's volunteer resolve.

They have recently renewed the fence along Main Street which includes two gates - one intact and one stolen - and along Hancock Avenue(renewed these days mostly means buying new). 

Soldiers Memorial Library has recently redirected its mail to 85 Main Street with a mailbox on Hancock Avenue as seen in one of the photos.

If we were tracking individual efforts to improve Hiram, Donna and Darryl's efforts could be construed as part of the Industrious Hiram series, but we are starting with commercial enterprises, so sorry Donna and Darryl, not this time, later for sure! And we thank you very much for improving Hiram.


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